Breakfast sandwich platter, sandwiches

“Only the truly generous know how to make a good sandwich”

Said a wise person once. My dad I think. Someone else more famous than him might have said it first. Who cares. My dads general rule of thumb is to take the quantity of ingredient you think you need, and double it. Or even triple it. It tends to work very well.

Essentials include:

Good bread to match your sandwich style, proper butter (or maybe olive oil if you’re doing something exotic) and your favourite ingredients or whatever you have in the fridge. And off you go.

There are no recipes for sandwiches as far as I’m concerned. If you can’t cut loose with creating sandwiches, where can you cut loose?

Though, saying that, we do respect the classics. There are always some favourites to revisit.

Family classics include

Pan Bagna – tuna, anchovies, tomato, olives, egg, capers, garlic, olive oil

Gravlax/Smoked salmon, onion, capers, boiled egg, mayo

Butter & Cheese. You just can’t go wrong

Cheese, salad, pesto

Salami & coleslaw

Chicken & herbs

On Toast/Toasted

Ham, cheese & mustard toastie

Cheese on toast. Sunday night. Nothing else is needed

Sauteed mushrooms on toast

Sardines, tomato, olive oil

Roasted vegetables, pesto, cheese

Any faves?