Avalon Art Carnival Window Drawing Prep


This is usually a space for food but today it’s a space for art.

Starting this week, as part of the Avalon Art Carnival, I’m going to be grabbing my Posca Pens and drawing on the windows of Haven & Sarah Flower Shop.

The Avalon Art Carnival is a group Public Art Project running in Avalon, NSW, from the 7th to the 21st of November. Curated by NYC’s Kendal Henry, and Eramboo’s Susan Milne and Greg Stonehouse, organised by Avalon Palm Beach Business Chamber, Eramboo Artists Environment, and Pittwater Council’s Enliven Pittwater.

My work is called ‘A Romance of Perceived Dimensions’ and it uses the window pane as another plane, as a surface to show us multiple spaces simultaneously.

The work is made of simple line drawings on glass windows. The lines trace reflected images from a particular vantage point, so that when complete they will have a unique sense of perspective, giving the illusion of another dimension. The images help show the viewer on one plane what they’re seeing – inside/outside/themselves/behind them at the same time.

The work plays with ideas of perspective, reality, dimensions and perceived space. The concept includes gradually adding more drawings over time so that the shop front window is a growing artwork.

The title references Asimov’s description of the 1884 book ‘Flatland: A Romance of Many Dimensions’ by Edwin Abbott Abbott, as: “The best introduction one can find into the manner of perceiving dimensions”. 

Below are some of the preparatory sketches for this project. I’ll be sharing more images of the work when the Avalon Art Carnival starts later this week on Instagram & Facebook.