I like food. I like to eat it, cook it, share it, think about it, talk about it. It can be fancy. It can be simple. It can’t be disappointing.

I’m not a chef, writer or photographer. I’m just a creative person who needs to feed a family and wants it to be bloody good. (I also like to paint and draw – but we can’t eat that. (the waffle & waffle iron logos are illustrations.)

Here I will share what I like to make. This won’t be highly curated or particularly well lit. It will be photographed then quickly eaten. It will be tasty. Sometimes ‘healthy’ – sometimes not so much – it depends on what’s required by our stomachs and what’s dictated to us by circumstance. Balance is good. You might find a few more sweet things on here at the moment – that’s because breakfast/lunch/dinner are a bit more hectic and there’s less time to mess about with photos. There will be more meals coming.

I tend to trawl recipes for ideas and inspiration, then put a few things together. It’s a little bit of structure and a lot of winging it. It’s not at all precise, and generally intuitive. Like most things – I go with what feels right.

I love the world and all the food it has to offer and the experiences and atmosphere that go with it. This comes to you from Sydney’s sparkling northern beaches.

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  1. Finally looked up your creation(s) … Yummo!! Well done dear. Looking forward to feeding off your inspiration in more ways than one xxx

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